jason-cohenJason Cohen has been making classic and one of a kind designs for almost twenty years. From entire restaurants to simple projects Jason has used the materials around his home state of Ky to craft unique pieces of art. In 1988 Jason was in a car accident where he lost use of his Dominant left hand. He had to switch which side of the brain he used the most. Which in turn lead him to want to try things he never did before. For a few years he experimented with different jobs to see what he was good at. Woodworking came by accident while living in South Carolina. A friend from there gave him a job in his woodworking business. From the first time he touched tools he had an instant love of wood and it showed in every thing he did. Soon Jason moved back to KY. Sold his car . Bought a lathe and began making smaller items. Eventually he built up his shop with every tool he needed. He started getting commissions and making a name for himself. Jason realized that using old wood or otherwise unusable materials would be his calling. He built the Blind Pig and 732 social entirely out of Dumpster wood and old barns. Since then he uses anything he can get his hand on. Right now its bourbon barrels. he crafts stools and tables entirely from the waste of a nearby cooperage. He says he has so many new designs that there is just not enough time to make all of them. But he’s going to try.